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Cece Stevens

Bio Magnetic healer

Professional Astrologer

Designer of games and

Educational tools.


Welcome to my web page and the products I offer.  You may notice this is a new design and style. Lots of changes for the better I hope.

I offer games, educational tools, readings, sessions with BOB the skull of Wishes, and clothing designs I have created, books that I wrote, links to my ebay page and facebook link.

I look forward to doing business with each of you and want to personally take the time to thank you for you  business now.


This code is intended to be used as a guide to promoting and maintaining the highest standards of ethical behavior. Many matters of conduct are covered by State and Federal legislation, and the regulations there under shall be deemed to be a portion of this code, and shall be read in conjunction with this code.

A Bio-magnetic Specialist shall:

a) Provide services without regard to race, creed, national origin, gender, age, handicap, disease entity, social status, or religious affiliation.
b) Must at all times maintain client confidentiality.
c) Establish fees, based on cost analysis, that are commensurate with services rendered.
d) Refer clients to other service providers and or consult with service providers when additional knowledge or expertise is required.
e) Require those whom they supervise to adhere to the  Code of Ethics.
f) Accurately record and report information.
g) Recognize the need for competence and shall participate in continuing professional development.
h) Comply with legal requirements with regard to safety of magnetic modalities.

A Bio-magnetic Specialist shall not:

a) Give specific guarantees regarding the results to be obtained from therapy.
b) Treat a client when there is evidence of a problem or condition with which they are not competent.
c) Make any statement or claims of cure.

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Phone: 520-907-0102

E-mail: CeceSt@aol.com


Facebook page: SEDONA VISIONS