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BOB the Skull of Wishes during the BLOOD MOON of August 2015. Photo was taken with light of the Full Moon. Sitting with BOB is BOB jr and Rainbow.

About Myself and BOB the skull of wishes

Phone: 520-907-0102

E-mail: CeceSt@aol.com

I began training in the business of Astrology when I was 16 and have continued extensively since.

I have always known I was a bit different from others and gifted in the knowledge of and the paranormal and psychic.

I organized and produced the WORLD MYSTERIES CRYSTAL SKULL CONFERENCE 9-9-9 and 10-10-10. the purpose was to bring all the skulls to one spot and help bring about healing and peace with the power of the skulls.

I also learned about sound and vibration healing with crystal bowls and tuning forks.

Psychic, Reiki Healer, Shaman, Medicine Women, Dowser,  Rain maker, Writer, Artist, Professional Astrologer, Numerologist,  is just a few of my talents.


Cece Stevens currently resides in Southern California


A little about me and my ability to transfer energy. It is a gift I have always had, we all have it.

When I was a child of around five years and we lived in the Orient I was given the rare opportunity of being given some training on how to transfer energy or ""Qi" as I was told it was called. I was shown how all things are related to each other.

It does not matter if we deal with a live plant, animal or a human. All matter is energy and connected.


I grew up surrounded in interests with Astrology and UFO's.

I became strongly interested in Metaphysics and all its realms when she was 10 years old.  By the age of 12 I had begun training in all matters.

I am adept in Astrology, Numerology, Bio-Magnetic healing, Nero-linguistic healing, Spiritualist, Dowser.

I am a natural Clairaudient, Clairvoyant,  Clairsensitive. 


I am a member of National Council Geo-Cosmic Research (NCGR)

Founded California Holistic Chamber Commerce


I have has several books that I have written on the subject of Astrology and Numerology.

 I also makes tools for Astrology, Numerology and Dowsing Rods.


I have been used by the Police Dept to help solve crimes as well as Water Dowser for ranchers. 

I comes highly recommended and respected.


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