2021 is here and life moves on

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

JAN 15, 2021 BLOG #001

Here we are in 2021 and life is moving forward. 2020 left us shell shocked from all the events and deaths relate to COVID-19.

I myself had covid in January and didn't fully recover until August of 2020! I had a stroke in that time, and a heart attack followed by learning to walk again. But here I am in 2021 and Im rocking it. Just goes to show that which does not kill us makes us stronger.

We have come into a new year with a new PRESIDENT and with VACCINES to help stop this pandemic we are all involved in. January is still filled in tension with the new president elect Biden about to be sworn into office Jan 20. I wish him well and hope everyone else can do the same. Without peace we are just a nation at odds with itself. So many does for us to have the right to vote and be free to express ourself. And now others want to come and take that away from us with their actions of violence. That does not solve anything.

Im starting 2021 out with a NEW web page and new server. GoDaddy has lost their appeal to me and is no longer user friendly. I have moved over to WIX and I am so far very happy with what I have here. I will showcase a products page, online classes, blogs, tutorials. It has it all. Would love to hear your feedback on my page.

I was doing business with Ebay as well, but they also have changed things around and will no longer use paypal. Ebay wants direct link to my bank account. So as a result I have cut my ties there as well. So now you can find me on Cosmic Cafe or on my web page here,

I have started writing for a new web magazine, hope it grows and goes to pointy soon. but you can find me at and my articles is on DECANS AND DWADS IN ASTROLOGY. I have future articles on relocation and also on soul mates and how to find them.

Finally the best for last, I will be doing online classes now. I have had a few requests for me to start this back up again. I will be holding classes on ASTROLOGY 101, TAROT 101, EMPOWERMENT FOR SELF GROWTH, and MICRO-GREENS FOR BETTER HEALTH.

My classes are going to be 6 hours long each, withheld in one hour class for a total of six classes. this gives you time to learn and digest the information. I the end of six classes there will be a test to see how much you have learned and what you want to do.

Im looking to blog once a week to stay on top of things. If you wish to get an email on this sign up for my blog posts and you will get them once a week. I don't sell email address so you are safe there.


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