24 February 2021 Vol 4

Spring is just around the corner and time to think about the plants to grow. The firs thing is when to plant and what do you need to know before you plant.

A good farmers almanac can help here to tell you good and bad day to plant, but what if you don't have that. ok, so here comes a lesson in the planets and their effect on gardening.

Each sign is ruled by a planet. some signs share a planet.

ok now we need FERTILE days to plant and BARREN days to remove.

BARREN days are used for pulling weeds or getting rid of things you don't want to return very soon or at all. I like to take a double barren day to do this. (this will be explained)

when you plant on a FRUITFUL day your plants seem double in size and double the yield as well. Thats what a fruitful day will do for you.

So when are these days you ask.. we go.. there are FRUITFUL. SIMI FRUITFUL and BARREN days and months. lets start with Spring and work our way around the calendar.

We begin with SPRING months

APRIL is Aries March 21 to April 21(simi fruitful)

MAY is Taurus April 21 to May 21 ( fruitful)

JUNE is Gemini May 21 to June 21 (barren)

Now we move into SUMMER and the hot months.

JULY is Cancer June 21 to July 21 (fruitful)

AUGUST is Leo July 21 to August 21 (Simi fruitful)

SEPT is Virgo August 21 to Sept 21 (barren)

Now we move into the AUTUMN months and the cooler month

OCTOBER is Libra Sept 21 to Oct 21 (simi fruitful)

NOVEMBER is Scorpio Oct 21 to Nov 21 (fruitful)

December is Sagittarius Nov 21 to Dec 21 (barren)

Now we move into WINTER months where most plants hibernate

January Capricorn Dec 21 to Jan 21 (fruitful)

February is Aquarius Jan 21 to Feb 21 (barren)

March is Pisces Feb 21 to March 21 (fruitful)

Alright now we have the months broke dow, what else do you need to know. the lunation for one. Plant on the NEW MOON for growth and the FULL MOON to harvest. but make sure you harvest on a FRUITFUL day. refer to the signs above to find the best day. so you will see

APRIL 21 TO MAY 21 is FRUITFUL month and so for the best planting time use the day that the moon is in TAURUS. CANCER. SCORPIO. CAPRICORN. PISCES

This will promise and abundant crop that grows fast and healthy.

Avoid days where the moon is in barren signs GEMINI. VIRGO. SAGITTARIUS AQUARIUS

planting on these days will produce weak and spindly plants.

So a recap, plant on day of FRUITFUL signs. the month and the day. Avoid days and months where it is a barren month and sign. when the month and day are barren this is considered a double barren time. Same applies with Fruitful month and day, being a double fruitful day.

We don't want to leave out Barren days however. They have their usefulness as well.

Are you looking to remove weeds? pick a barren day to do this project. Lay out your weed kill during this time. Cutting back plants to cause slow growth? this is the time to do that.

Are you looking to have a hair cut and want to slow the hair growth back? The barren signs is the ideal time to do that. Keep in mind a Barren sign will slow die or stop growth.

Grab your farmers almanac to find fruitful and barren days. Now you can understand it better.

I would love to see more community gardens going in. Imagine if your neighbors came together and grew plants you could share together? Most cities will allow you to have 2 chickens. no roosters but you can have chickens. The right chicken will give you an egg a day. 2 chickens for 5 years will offer you 14 eggs a week! and they are so easy to have and grow. they eat the bugs, so no exterminator needed! they eat leftovers, so no waste!

Let us mover forward into a safer SPRING and SUMMER. Wear your mask, offer social distance just until we can get this pandemic under control.

Until the next time...

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