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Feb 2, 2021. Blog #3

Here we are in February and the Chinese New Years is on it as well as Valentines and a bevy of other holidays. And the pandemic continues forward. I am keeping positive thought that it is slowing down, things are getting better and soon we will be back to our normal. Whatever that is.. Normal..

This is the Chinese year of the Bull or Metal Ox and the 2nd sign of Chinese Zodiac.

You have the 12 animals. and the elements METAL WATER WOOD FIRE EARTH ..followed by the nature. YIN AND YANG. YIN is female energy and Yang is male energy.

Just like the Astrological sign start with Aries and end with Pisces. But the Chinese culture has a element that leads with the year and an energy of male or female.

So to synopsis it short we are in the YIN of the Metal Ox and next year will change elements and energy to Water snd Yang.

What this means to make it less complicated if possible is in the Ox year we have hard word that pays off. Metal shows emotions that are cut to the chase lets get things done and on a YIN energy, we learn to do things with compassion and patience.

The OX is favored for the zodiac sign of Capricorn and right now we have some heavy hitters of Saturn Jupiter and Pluto that have been hitting Capricorn pretty hard. and now these planets have moved on to Aquarius. Innovation in medicine are about to come to the front. possible vaccine that will work for this virus and the ones to follow.

If you would like to have your chart read by someone of authority my friend Donna Stellhorn has a book she wrote and also does chart readings and Feng shui your home or office. she can be found on Facebook DONNA STELLHORN. Tell here I sent you, and she might offer a discount

Now lets get on to valentines. First a shout out to my sister who is a Valentines baby. You know who you are..HAPPY BIRTHDAY..

Do you have some plans to do for the sweetest day? Lets keep something in mind as well..

YOU do NOT have to have a someone in your life to celebrate. Take YOURSELF out on a date! Shocking I know..but think about it, the first step is excepting yourself on a date. Take yourself to lunch one day, sit in the middle of the dining area where everyone can see you.

Table for one if you were sitting for two or more how would it be different? conversation you say? ok, open your ears and listen to what people say around you. This could be you talking. Listen and hear what reactions are. This is you learning and enjoying the melody of vignettes around you. So many stories and emotions. I love doing this, its like going to the movies or watching reality TV, but you are also a part of it sitting there. Why this might become a "thing" and you may never eat with someone again. Two's a crowd might become a thing!! Of course you don't have to limit it to a cafe you can include the park, a beach, a picnic. Enjoy your time and then bring someone in to enjoy with you. It makes for a better date. practice on self make perfect.

With this delicious holiday come cooking. Would you like a simple dish to make that taste delicious as well? Here is an easy one. get the following items, fresh spinach, spaghetti pasta, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and fresh parsley olive oil, and bread sticks.

Cook your pasta noodles for time required. (12 minutes from box) set aside in water, do NOT rinse. Now take some olive oil ( a tablespoon) and put in a small fry pan on medium heat. To this add some fresh cherry tomatoes and move them around a bit. you want them hot but not destroyed. maybe 3 minutes of cooking is all that is needed.

To a pasta bowl (large open bowl) add some fresh spinach, be generous. top with drained cooked pasta. the hot water would have finished the cooking on it. Now take some pasta and add to the bowl of raw spinach. doing good so far, now pour your heated cherry tomatoes on here. oil and all. just pour it on, top with some fresh torn up basil leaves and fresh torn up parsley. let this sit for a couple minutes while you grab some bread sticks or heated garlic bread. let it sit will steam the spinach on the bottom of the bowl. Now toss it all up together and serve. DELICIOUS is the word you will be hearing. fresh and delicious..another heart won..

The way to the heart is past the stomach. In my opinion there is nothing sexier then a man who can cook, and I always hear men same the same about a women. So even if you can't cook..this easy one will get the door open for you. Cooking can be fun!!

Want more recipes like this? go to Amazon and look up my name under books Cece Stevens, My cookbook is listed there. Cece Recipe Jar. over 400 plus pages of everything from Human, to baby to pet food and all the secret hacks to make it easier and places to shop!

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Until next time..may the blessings of the month follow you and keep you safe.

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