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Blog #2 January 21

Ok.. here we go.. my astrology take on the election and how the new president and VP will do in office. How the people will except them and how they will do in their new roles. I will also post this to my new blog on my new web page I have now. Ill make sure to post the page so if you want to sign up fo future thoughts then you can. I might read things different then othe astrologer, but that because I look to the houses what they represent and the planets involved. I use what is called the angles 1-4-7-10 The 1st house is the USA and how it will respond The 4th house is the home, we the people The 7th house partnerships and secret enemies 10th house career and our cabinet and great leaders.

Then you want to see what planets are in these houses and aspects. From there we go to progressed chart. This is who the USA is today and how we respond. Again the same houses used and aspects to them. I have all the charts up to show my findings. To many this is WHAT??? Not to worry . I’m just going to put the answer, and if you know how to read charts then you can see where I got what I this way I address those who dont understand and those who do understand astrology

The placement of the SUN the chart is where the focus of the USA is going to be and how the president will do. The MOON is the emotions of the people and how we respond. MERCURY is how communication are met. VENUS is the money made. Stock market and aspects to JUPITER will tell us if were going in a bear or bull market. SATURN is that hand of the parent. When your bad, you will get spanked, when your good you will be rewarded. MARS is our military and or police. It involves war and actions. URANUS is the space program and finally NEPTUNE is health care or drugs Note about my charts. When you see president Biden, that is when the exact oath of office was taken by Biden. The USA chart is the one I use that I based on when the USA was born. Some use Nov and some use July

When you read a chart, its not just one chart, you have to read the birth chart (natal) and the progressed chart (current) and then the leaders chart and their progressed chart. For accuracy all this needs to be done. 2021 reading That being said.. my input on the next president Biden our 46 president. Sometimes the simplistic is the best. No deep details just bread and butter. The USA is ready for a change. But like children gone wild on a drunken party the after glow is Biden and Harris have been let a messy house.. and now the clean up begins. At first as we get used to the new house parents we might not agree. But we will soon find that in leadership they make an excellent TEAM TOGETHER. I feel strongly they will work together. Not one silent VP but one who is working together as a team as it should be.

Covid will finally get put back in the bottle and removed. Secrets will be exposed in the clean up. Secrets left from the last administration. We are going to see sweeping changes for the better. A new style of leadership. One where president and Vice President alike work as a team together. Some secrets in the space exploration will be revealed here by summer if not sooner. Uranus is strong and that tells me we might find out a secret planet information revealed to us. 4 months from now we will know when it will be revealed. May time frame. This covid will finally get a nail put on it. March is going to be seeing things in a better light. And as a result the The stock market will come back again, and the sun will start to shine where there has been so much darkness. Business will begin to flourish again. I see this as a new and different style of leadership. Personally I am feeling hopeful like i have not felt in a long time. The winter of our discontent will be soon gone and replaced with the spring of renewal and a summer of growth. Try to replace anger with kindness and understanding. Show empathy where there is none, try to help your neighbor and not close the door. So much anger is out there, lets try to calm it down and replace it with warmth and charm of days gone by.. We are better then all this anger.. Cabin fever is getting to many I think. People are seeing themselves in jail rather then an opportunity to grow as a family or take time to heal yourself. I will be posting more on my blog. I have a new web server and thus web page is going through sweeping changes, good changes! So you can find my blog at if you would like to sign up. For a newsletter and receive the blog you can do that on my page. I’m looking to blog once a week about current events and classes I am going to start teaching as well. ASTROLOGY 101. TAROT .. EMPOWERMENT OF SELF...MICROGREENS FOR A HEALTHIER YOU.. COOKING CLASSES..

I’m making 2021 my personal choice to rise above and help lead people into a better future of happiness of self and the ability to create happiness in others. 2020 took me down in illness most of the year from covid to stroke to cardiac arrest. But I am alive, greatful and ready to start fresh and new again. LET US ALL TRY THIS..

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